Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sister's Weekend

More on the weekend I got to spend in Indiana! Every couple of years, my sisters and I have a little getaway weekend. This year we had two additions to our pool of sisters; Andrew's wife, Sarah, and Jesse's wife, Katrina. Because of work issues, Katrina couldn't make it, and we missed her! And, because of baby-keeps-trying-to-come issues, Andrew's Sarah couldn't join us either. She only lives in Kokomo though, (Katrina lives in UT) so Marie and I drove up before the other sisters had arrived and went out for lunch and then had pedicures.

I had to see how her early-birthday-present apron looked in action. It even looked good in a parking lot! Probably due to Sarah's adorable belly.

The next morning was aerobics. Marie was the teacher, and 7 months pregnant and all, she still worked us into the ground.

We went out for Thai food, (it's becoming a sister's weekend tradition) and then rested our weary muscles at a nail salon. Sarah and Kara had pedicures...

...and Marie and I had manicures, since our toes still looked good from the day before.

Then we drove to quaint Madison, IN, and Clifty Falls State Park. This was the view of the Ohio from our hotel.

What a nice State Park! Pleanty of photo ops.

See what I mean?
This was... a joke? Art? An Eagle Scout Project?
The map didn't say.

The tulip poplars (Indiana's state tree)were in full bloom.

Clifty Falls themselves. We hiked to every falls in the park. Then we got back in the car, and I slammed my camera in the car door and shattered the viewing screen. It doesn't have a view finder, so my pictures for the rest of the weekend were all guesses. I was glad I wasn't the only one with a camera!

All dressed up and ready to go see Treasure Island for Mom's birthday.

You already know about the rest of the weekend. It was all just lovely and relaxing, and I'm so excited for Kara's turn to host! Hopefully everyone will be able to come next time!


  1. Wow! How fun! What a great tradition!

  2. So much fun.
    My sisters have had two sisters reunions since my Mother passed away and I did'nt get to go to either one.
    But I am planning one for next year.
    I think the theme will be 'The Witch Hunt'
    and we will go to Salem Massachusetts.
    I am so jealous of your sisters time... thanks for sharing.

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