Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just for Fun

Eden: You know what would be weird? If all our clothes were made out of rubber bands.
What are we made out of?
Me: Well, mostly water.
Eden: Water?! I thought it was plastic!

Gary: Mom, canned food is dangerous. (I was about to leave for the cannery.) It has a gun, and it has a hand. It could reach out and get the gun and shoot you. You better not go over there.

Eden: You know what would be so weird? If our house was made out of pickles.

Samuel: Mom, what if we went to Disneyland without any pants?

Gary: I'm afraid of that lizard!
Me: Why? What do you think it will do to you?
Gary: Smack me with his tail!
Me: ?! Why do you think he would do that?
Gary: Because he smacked me with his tail yesterday.

Eden: (As she was eating a root beer popsicle)Mmm! This does taste like an over-float!

Gary: Can I go to Grandma's?
Me: No. It's too far away for you to walk.
Gary: I could run.

Lily: Mom, am I allowed to go to the reception? The dead reception? (funeral)

Chad: (to me, in all seriousness)Have you ever felt the bumber of a semi?

Gary: I'm pretending I'm dead.


  1. Haha! That was so funny to read! You have the cutest kids! :)

  2. What precious words to make memories and chuckle about now and in the future.


  3. So in response to Chad's question?? have you???

  4. No, ha ha! I don't think I've ever actually been that close to a semi! And if I did get that close to a semi, feeling the bumber probably isn't the first thing I'd do! But, you know, he has piqued my curiosity. Watch out semi drivers of the world. I'm going to have to feel someone's bumper.