Monday, August 24, 2009

"This is the (day) we've waited for..."

Lexi's first day of Junior High! Nervous and excited was she. She had an assembly first thing in the morning, and the dance team was performing, hence the "costume", and the long hair. I took too long taking pictures, and she missed the bus! Aaaah! So she had a nice long ride with her dad, and had her first bus ride on the way HOME.
And two hours later... it's time for the other three to leave for school.
Cute Lily.

Handsome Samuel.

Sweet Eden, on her 1ST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!!!


And they're off...

...or not. Eden wouldn't walk, so I drove her.

Once there, she threw her backpack in the pile like she'd done it a million times, and walked off with Miss Lonia. I called, "Bye Eden! I love you!" She put her hand behind her back and flicked her wrist in a wave, and didn't even turn around.

Everyone came home happy from school, each with a mountain of paperwork for Chad and me to fill out. Then we had Family Home Evening, and made a mountain ourselves.


  1. I am glad to hear that you all survived the first day back.


  2. Lexi looks so cute i can hardly believe it...Junior high!