Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Here is my littlest brother, Ben.

Ben was here recently for a visit, and we got to witness his
amazing talents, which are, but are not limited to:
beautiful piano playing and composition
(both of my girls have been more inspired to
enjoy their piano practicing more. Yeah!)
(He juggled in BYU's Homecoming Parade this Fall!)
(He is currently working on his head-spin)
reciting pi out to the 30th digit
(He was bored in science class one day, and it was posted on the wall...)
creating video games
(check his game out HERE!)
Samuel asked if Uncle Ben could beat his own game, since he was the creator. "Because Jesus beat the game of life, and he was the creator."
Ben can.
Can you?


  1. Is that a recent picture? I thought that green jacket was burned by mom a couple of years ago!

  2. No, it is from when they came out here in 05. Doesn't Ben have a baby face :) And Garrett! You can comment! I thought you had to have your own blog to post... but maybe it's just that you have to have a google account... I don't know. But good to hear from you on here!