Friday, January 1, 2010

Lily in the Limelight

Today is about Lily.

She is a sweet big sister, and a responsible helper. She can often procure cooperation when I can't, and the little kids love to have her play with them.
Lily has really taken off with her piano recently. Music has clicked for her, and she will even improvise and make up her own "extended versions" of the songs that she's working on. She's fun to listen to.

Lily got to try volleyball for the first time this year. She was a good little server, and after serving so many points for her team, her coach would encourage her to try it overhanded, which was a bit more of a challenge.

At the elementary school Christmas program, I realized that Lily has talents I didn't even know about! Like.....
playing the "boomwackers"...

...acting, as Alvin the chipmunk (actually, I did know she was skilled in this area. At home, she is often speaking in a voice laced with drama, and she can even do it in a British accent, if she's in the mood.)...

...and playing the xylophone. She goes to school and hour early, four days a week, to practice for the school's Voice, Instrument and Performance group, and the dance group. They had learned amazing things! I was completely impressed! Go Lily!

Lily is also my little kitchen elf. She loves to cook, and is getting quite good at it. She wants to have a bake sale, and when Grandpa was here, they practiced making some "Key Lime Mini-bunt Cakes" that I'm sure will be a big hit.
So that is a little about my Lily-girl. She is a joy, and we sure love her!

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