Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Wheels

So, here she is. Our new ride. A Chevy "Express" 15-passenger van. It even sounds like a shuttle bus, doesn't it? I learned yesterday that if it were just one passenger larger it would require a CDL to drive it. We took it for a spin, filled to the gills with our children, Grandma, and cousins. One Uncle came out before departure and wanted to make sure of the
location of his son.
"Is Noah in there?"
Chad --Um, no. I don't think so.
Lily --Yes. He got in.
Me --I don't see him in here.
Samuel --He's coming with us! He's in here!
Grandma --No, I don't think so...
Gary --Yes he is! Right here!
Sure enough, back in row 47, seat R, was little Noah.
I recently heard Emily Watts refer to her large family's large vehicle as the "S.S. Watts."
"Funny!" I thought. "We'll name ours the S.S. Leavitt!"
However, when Chad brought it home, he immediately dubbed it
the "Cin Wagon."
Hardy Har.
I am so not that song.
And I think Chad hasn't heard it in a long time and has forgotten the words.
But the name seems to have stuck.
In lieu of "The Bermuda Rectangle,"
I guess it will have to do.


  1. Wow!

    It reminds me alot of the van I took my DL test in. When I grew up we had a BIG white van. That was after the Datsun B210 (tiny 4 passenger car) that sometimes held 9 on the way to church. It was like a dogpile and very scrunched.

    I know you will have plenty of room in this rig though. I hope she doesn't guzzle the gas too badly.


  2. Sweeeet ride Cinnamon. I'm almost jealous that you can haul three more bodies that I can. Almost. By the way, Shawn wanted to let you know that he's offering to paint an eagle/desert scene on the side of your sweet van. Just in case you wanted to fancy it up a bit. Oh, and next time you're in Utah, we're totally having a race. Bet you can't wait! Love you guys!

  3. So let's see, I guess you have to have six more kids. Well, have fun with that:)