Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Week

I realized I hadn't taken a picture yet of Lexi's most anticipated Christmas present...

having her hair dyed and highlighted.

So, here it is.

Gary decided he needed a helmet for his new biking skills...

riding with one hand!

And he puts his helmet on all by himself.

We had amazing lighting the other day with a cloudy sunset,

so Eden and I took advantage of it.

Yesterday was Gary's birthday,

so Eden gave him a birthday haircut.

And mom made him a birthday dinosaur cake.

Oh, wait, you said "dragon cake?"

Let's see... add some wings and some fire... OK.

Dragon cake.

Glad I didn't think you said "basketball cake."

This evening we were treated to a visit from my Uncle Chris and Aunt Patty.

They were on their way home from a visit to Sequoia National Park in CA.

We had a wonderful visit.

Thanks for stopping by guys!

We finished the evening with another birthday haircut,

from an older sister, this time.

Supervised by Mom and everything.

It was her first lesson.

He only has one bald spot.


  1. Cinnamon you are so funny I can't stop laughing!! Love it Lexi!! Happy Birthday Gary can't wait to see you and your new haircut!! Wow I had no idea your father looked so much like his brother before I read the caption I thought: "Who is Cinnamon's dad with?"

  2. I will agree with Mandy... you are funny. I decided though that you have become a master at seeing the humor in life. That is a necessity for survival being a Mother of many small children.


  3. I'm just sitting here and I can't stop laughing.