Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Falling Through the Cracks

The kids had thrown the cushions off of the couches today, and I had gotten out the dustbuster to vacuum up the crumbs that invariably accumulate there. As I was sweeping (yes, I'm a Hoosier, sweeping) I noticed a lego shoved down in the crack where the arm of the couch meets the floor of the couch where the springs are. I reached my hand in to get it out, and found it was not alone. Who even knew that stuff could fit down there! Well, it can! Inspired by my friend, Joshlyn, I tallied it all up, and am sharing my list with you.

Art supplies:
2 pencils
2 paintbrushes
3 stickers
13 crayons, or pieces thereof
Game pieces:
1 red Squeeze-out piece
6 Battleship pieces, including one ship
2 cards from Frank's Zoo
3 Matching Game squares
3 puzzle pieces
1 checker
6 Guess Who faces
1 tTomas card
1 Whonu card that says "malls"
1 marble
2 Polly pocket clothing items, both purple
1 surf board from Del Taco
31 legos
Items from the bathroom:
3 bobby pins
7 hair rubber bands
5 barrettes
1 baby comb like you get at the hospital
3 flossers shaped like dinosaurs
3/4 of a graham cracker, intact
3 m&m's, 2 plain, 1 peanut
6 jelly bellies
1 necco heart
lots of Life cereal
lots of wheat thins
lots of popcorn
1 butter rum milk maid(with wrapper, I might eat that)
1 slice of white chocolate orange(I only buy those at Christmas, and I couldn't find any this year...)
1 pecan
6 rubber bands
1 nickle
6 pennies
5 magnets
1 battery, AAA, with full charge
1 heart shaped rock(Lily collects these and often gives them to me as tokens of her affection)
2 sheets of fingernail decals(one in each couch)
1 bookmark
1 birthday candle
2 pieces of an old FHE chart
this --
1 granite sun charm, purchased on the Boulder ride for one of my girls
1 cow from a nativity
a bit of gold tinsel
a piece of cord that laces up the back of a dress I got rid of a long time ago
1 sock, Sage-sized
1 smashed penny with Miss Piggy on it, created at Disneyland
1 tent stake
So, if you ever find yourself sitting on my couch, hungry and bored, penniless and powerless, with scummy teeth and a bad hairdo, do not despair. Relief is not far away. Just don't ask me how all that stuff got there, and I won't ask how you got into such a state.


  1. Cinnamon, this post was awesome! It made me laugh and smile! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I had read Joshlyn's post back when... how cool that you tool the lead and made that list... WOWZA!!!!

    You should feel good about yourself after tackling that recovery project. I wish you could have found a wrapped Snickers bar(for energy). Ü


  3. Impressive!! Wow! I am both amazed and horrified every time I clean under my bed, the couch, or the couch cushions.

  4. Amazing! I like how you itemized it, very clever. My favorite item found was definitely the white choc orange slice. Great collection, I prefer a lot of variety in my couch as well. My theory is the more people that sit on the couch the more the couch consumes.

  5. The orange slike was my father-in-law's favorite thing. The only thing he could say after Dianne read him this post was, "They make those in white chocolate?!"